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Go from $0 to $8,000 in monthly revenue in just 12 months with our Mobile Golf Simulator course.

Golf Simulator Rental

Here's what you'll get

  • Access to our custom mobile hitting bay
  • Full list of everything you need
  • Website template and digital booking setup
  • Marketing plan for Facebook and Google Ads
  • Target coporate partners
  • Hiring plan and job posting
  • Pricing Strategy
Who we are

Who We Are

In March of 2021 we were just a couple of guys drinking beer with an idea -- We wanted to launch a mobile golf simulator business.

Little did we know, it was much more challenging than we expected. We spent over $15,000 making mistakes before we got our setup to accomplish a few goals:

  • Fast and easy setup to keep our costs low
  • Easy to move so we can setup anywhere
  • Seamless booking process for our customers
  • The ability to setup day or night

After a few iterations we have gone from $0-$8,000 in monthly revenue in under 12 months with only a few hours a week invested. Now we want to help you build your mobile golf simulator business.

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